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We offer comprehensive care for a variety of foot and ankle conditions. Please complete the following to schedule a consultation with our

    We treat a variety of foot and ankle conditions, including:

    Heel Pain

    A condition that is sometimes also called heel spur
    syndrome when a spur is present.

    Sport Injuries

    Assessment, diagnosis, and treatment of common foot injuries, such as growth plate injuries, achilles tendinitis, ankle sprain, stress fractures, X-Ray assessment,  rehabilitation.

    Children's Gate Analysis

    Growth plate injuries, biomechanics, paediatric foot posture, growing pains, intoeing gate, verrucae, footwear, and orthotics.

    Skin and Nail Problems

    Ingrown toenail surgery, thickened nails, fungal nail, difficult nails, painful nails, tinea treatment, psoriasis, corns, callous. 

    Diabetic Foot Care

    Diabetic wounds, foot ulcers, medical-grade footwear, wound boot, wound management, collaboration with GP and other healthcare providers.

    *Please click here to get more information on all conditions treated by us.

    Meet Rebecca Eakins, member of the Australian Podiatry Association. Rebecca completed a bachelor of health science  (podiatry), with honours, and a bachelor of applied science (human movement studies) at Queensland University of Technology.  She is is well equipped to listen, diagnose, and treat many lower limb conditions with the added benefit of exercise rehabilitation.  Rebecca thoroughly enjoys meeting people from all walks of life. She is enthusiastic about making a care plan to be suit your needs. 

    The FRANKiE4 Difference

    Walk a mile in FRANKiE4s and you will truly understand the difference.

    What FRANKiE4 loves about shoes is the way they can make women feel. Footwear has so many powers; they affect how the foot moves and how much pressure the body takes with each step.

    Founded by Podiatrists and a Physiotherapist, the FRANKiE4 Team builds on its heritage and continues to revolutionise the way footwear is designed. FRANKiE4 is providing women with a healthier option for on-trend footwear.

    Treating your FEET better


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